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$2 Cockroach 2007-2009

Posted by on May 7, 2021 in $2 Cockroach (2007-2009), Bands

in 2002 Sid was close to retiring from the poetry scene but a chance meeting with blues poet Wisconsinite Wes Heine, changed all of that when Sid appeared in a student film shot by Heine. They became lifelong friends as Sid appeared in a few more of Wes’ films and they began attending Chicago area poetry open mics. Within a few years, Sid & Wes teamed up to form a poetry jug band and added a few other players along the way, including bowed bassist Art Pitkin, multi-string instrumentalist & singer, Daniel Stine, guitarist & singer Mike Sviokla, drummer Nathan Vining, while Wes played guitar & sang. Sid sang, told stories, performed poetry, while playing washboard, shofar, slide whistle and toothbrush with toothpaste. They played many Midwestern venues including Elbo Room, Gallery Cabaret, Green Mill & The Orphanage in Chicago and Cafe Carpe in Jefferson Township, Coffee Time in Kenosha & Mother Fool’s in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as social justice shows. While bandmates collaborated with each others on their own individual songs, Sid felt a rift within the band structure as it drifted more to a blues sound and less poetry. Tensions between bandmates also occurred at regular intervals and rather than watch a band Sid created disintegrated, he left the band. While $2 Cockroach recorded several sides, the band never released any music.