Sid Yiddish

Expect the Unexpected

Candy Store Henchmen 2010-Present

Posted by on May 8, 2021 in Bands, Candy Store Henchmen, Music, Wes Heine (2019-Current)

In the early days in between rocks and caves, man created fire. He invented the wheel. He developed the birth of sound and noise. And from that frothy mix came forth on the tenth day of December in the year of our Lord 2010, the eventual creation of the universe, the Big Bang Theory and Sid Yiddish And His Candy Store Henchmen. And the world gasped.

The Henchmen’s arsenal of instrumentation includes violins, Theremins, guitars, pianos, odd animal horns, double-belled trumpets, brooms, discarded agent devices, the fishing pole bass harp, and the occasional canine vocalist.

Although Yiddish runs his group as an collective, that has boasted well over 200 members and auxiliary players worldwide at the height of the band’s existence, the current lineup is merely a trio, including Helen Kellogg (electric guitar), Nit-Not-Nit (electronics, synthesizer) and Sid Yiddish, who joins in on electric cigar box guitar, shofar and slide whistles. Occasionally, other musicians join the fracas including Dr. Nothing (keyboard, percussion) and Maestro Phil (wind, strings, percussion & keyboard).

The music Yiddish creates, simply put is called “The Henchmen Method,” drawing from 100 different gestures he developed over a period of three years, which he teaches throughout the world.

Yiddish’s method it is said is comparable to a baseball manager’s secret hand signals, visual Morse code and a bit of colorfully scenic hillbilly narrative.  His band’s sound is best described as catatonically captivating conductible washes of atonal assonance inside harmonic improvisation.

With his Candy Store Henchmen bridging the gap between new music and performance art, Sid Yiddish could well be considered the Spike Jones of the 21st Century.

The Candy Store Henchmen have performed at many Chicago area venues, festivals and broadcast outlets, including the Green Mill Jazz Lounge, Double Door, Wrigley Square (Millennium Park), Congress Plaza (Grant Park), Chicago Calling, Columbia College’s Manifest, Make Music Chicago, radio stations WNUR, WZRD and WGN, and TV appearances on America’s Got Talent, The Mancow Experience and TV Rabbi Doug.

Along the way, the band has produced 11 albums including Pitching Woo, Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme, Out Of The Cage Tour 2017, Bingo! Must Be In The Front Row!, Leather Strawberries-Live On WZRD, She Grabbed Me From Behind, Live In Tulsa NoiseFest 2019, Assorted Variety Pack, Live At Solarium DeLuna, Merry Fucking Happy and Until Further Notice Everyday Feels Like Sunday.

Furthermore, as an independent artist, Yiddish also composes industrial interactive pieces and performs solo shows at small venues worldwide, blending throat singing, performance art, and spoken word. His mission, you ask? To bring organized chaos to the universe, one musician at a time.

Sid Yiddish And His Candy Store Henchmen could well be your most humble, melodious obedient servants. And most likely they are.