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Posted by on Jun 11, 2021 in Bands, Clean Boys (2010-Current), Music, Other Band Contributions

Technology. It’s what drives all of us in one form or another, having said that, Denmark was the least likely place I thought I would end up as the result of technology! The year was 2007 and I was still on MySpace. Six months earlier, i had just opened a YouTube account and uploaded my first video; a throat singing song of mine entitled Mykel Board Weasel Squeezer. It was sometime in late 2007 I received a notification from a man named Pedro DaPalma, who I later would learn was from Aarhus, Denmark. We checked each other out but really didn’t communicate with each other until mid-2008, when I asked Pedro if his band would be my backing band for a performance entitled Jazz Haiku-A-Rama for Chicago Calling. Luckily he said yes and away we played! We continued to play together over Skype until early 2010 when we recorded our brilliant album “Safari Freakshow Adventure” via Skype. The album was released in Denmark in April 2010. That same month I flew to Denmark and toured for 3 & a half weeks all over Eastern Denmark. The rest as it is said, is history.