Sid Yiddish

Expect the Unexpected

Tribal Screen Hens Collective Orchestra 1995-1998

Posted by on May 7, 2021 in Bands, Music, Tribal Screen Hens (1995-1998)

Sid Yiddish’s second band picked up where Joey The Tush Kangaroo left off. Same format, yet Sid began writing more original material, as well as using costumes for the first time, in order to fuel the band’s theatrical & performance aspect. Sid, the lead vocalist, wore a cow costume with full makeup, while bassist David Bernstein wore a grim reaper outfit. Steven Escoffery sported a sailor suit, straw hat with a panty hose legging over his face, while blowing the saxophone and Noam Paco Gaster was a backing vocalist, playing keyboards while donning a skirt, a pig mask and a fez. They played less open mics and gained more features including stints at Wheadon Unity Church (Evanston), Cafe Aloha, Charybdis and WZRD in Chicago. The band’s name was an anagram of a mutual friend of Sid’s. Other band members included jazz drummer Mat Wilson & jazz saxophonist Andre Soltys. Near the end of their run, the Tribal Screen Hens also contributed three songs to the 1998 Northwestern University CD compilation, Tripped Back Up. The group flourished between 1995-1998.