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Wes Heine (previously known as Cousin Bones): Collaborator

Posted by on Nov 6, 2021 in Collaborations, Wes Heine (2019-Current)

I met Westley Heine in 2004 while he was still a student filmmaker in Chicago. He cast me in a student film as a drunken news anchor. That same week I met him over drinks, he showed me his poetry and prose. it was good. Damn good. Soon after, we began hanging out together at open mics and before long, we formed the band $2 Cockroach, a poetry jug blues band. The band lasted a total of two years, from 2007 to 2009. After a year apart, I began collaborating with Heine in a different way, as contributor to four of his albums Blues Bum, King Of The Losers, Tastes Like Chicken and Heaven’s Headache. In turn, Heine was part of my mainstay band, Sid Yiddish And His Candy Store Henchmen from 2010-2014. I look forward to future collaborations with Heine.